Filmed in Havana, Cuba in July 2016, TRUCE explores the Colombian peace process as experienced by the women of the FARC guerrillas.

The women are in Cuba negotiating a peace deal with the Colombian government which they hope will not only bring an end to the world's longest civil war, but will also guarantee rights to the women of Colombia.

This emphasis on women's rights in a post conflict scenario is a historic first, a fact acknowledged by the UN assistant General Secretary, who arrives to witness the official signing of the work done by the gender sub-commission, which these women guerrillas belong to, during more than four years of peace talks. She calls it "an example to the rest of the world".

TRUCE also turns its lens on the media circus that exists in parallel to the process and to the lives of Havana's inhabitants who continue to go about their lives, oblivious to the monumental events taking place in their midst.

Told through a series of observations, TRUCE gives an unparalleled insight behind the scenes of the process and to the stories of the women guerrillas. These women have turned away from the armed struggle to which they have dedicated their lives, and are now fighting for peace and the rights of women in Colombia.